About Priority Wild Safaris

Who we are

Priority Wild Safaris is your ultimate gateway to an unforgettable adventure in the heart of East Africa. Nestled in Kenya, and extending our reach to Tanzania, we’re not just curators of journeys; we’re architects of immersive experiences, meticulously designed for the savvy global traveler. From a humble dream to a fervent commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism, we’ve woven our passion into the fabric of every safari we offer. At Priority Wild Safaris, our mission transcends the typical tourist experience. We are staunch conservationists, eco-conscious explorers, and staunch advocates for the empowerment of local communities.

In the hands of our expert guides, fluent in the language of the wild, your safari becomes more than a trip—it transforms into a marketing masterpiece of discovery and wonder. Join us as we redefine adventure, one sustainable step at a time.


At Priority Wild Safaris, our mission is to meticulously craft and deliver tailored safari packages that transcend expectations, providing our clients with personalized, immersive, and awe-inspiring experiences in the unparalleled landscapes of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. We are committed to fostering a deep connection between nature and our adventurers, ensuring every journey is not just a safari but a transformative exploration of East Africa’s diverse and untouched beauty.


Priority Wild Safaris aims to lead the way in bespoke safari adventures across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. We envision a future where our personalized expeditions not only showcase the wonders of East Africa but also inspire a commitment to conservation and responsible travel. Through innovation and passion, we strive to set new standards for unforgettable experiences that leave a positive impact on both our clients and the remarkable destinations we explore.

Instagram-Ready Escapades

When you select Priority Wild Safaris, you’re not merely reserving a trip; you’re strategically investing in an unparalleled adventure designed to maximize your wanderlust. Our commitment is to elevate your journey, ensuring it is not just safe and comfortable but an extraordinary, Instagram-worthy escapade that stays etched in your memory.

Immerse yourself in the marketing magic of Priority Wild Safaris as we beckon you to explore the untamed allure of East Africa, where every sunset becomes a captivating masterpiece, and each sunrise marks a lucrative opportunity for discovery. Whether you’re a solo trendsetter, a couple longing for a romantic rendezvous, a family eager to craft unforgettable memories, or a squad of adventure enthusiasts, we extend an exclusive invitation to be part of a meticulously curated journey with us. Together, let’s co-author a sensational new chapter in the marketing brochure of East Africa’s wonders.

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