Travel With a Difference

Priority Wild Safaris and Tours company is an African safari specialist and tour operator, offering a full service for arranging and booking safaris, expeditions, and beach holidays throughout East Africa. Priority Wild Safaris and Tours runs its operations locally out of its offices in Nairobi Kenya – East Africa.

Priority Wild Safaris and Tours was established and begun in Kenya. Inspiration came from the owners and staff, who have a true love for the country and a deep-seated commitment, not only to preserve Kenya’s wildlife and natural wonders but to share them with the rest of the world. Strengthened by valuable experience gained to date in its home market.

As experienced tour operators, we personalize our safaris according to our customers’ tastes and needs. Priority Wild Safaris and Tours combines luxury, style, service, and authenticity to provide a unique, exciting adventure and an unforgettable experience. Our itineraries showcase properties that meet our high standards and expectations in terms of both quality and service. All of our safaris are conducted by talented, responsible, and caring guides. In addition, safari travel is always in comfortable 4×4 safari vehicles.

While we endeavor to offer competitive prices, in the end, we will always favor ethics, quality, and financial protection. We are ethically minded and, as such, we place the utmost importance on ensuring that our staff, especially our guides are well paid and looked after. We also take pride in our safari vehicle fleet, which are well maintained and in good condition, consequently, breakdowns and other mechanical complications while you are on safari will be rare.

Our Staff

Priority Wild Safaris and Tours recruit its staff based on their experience in the tourism industry, in-depth knowledge and love for Africa, careful attention to detail, and friendly approach. Our dedicated and cohesive team has the experience and is sensitive to cultural differences.

Our Product

As tour operators, our aim is to select attractive holiday destinations and activities and combine them into an easy-to-follow creative, and descriptive itinerary that fulfills the stated desires and needs of our clients. We negotiate the best deals with a broad spectrum of local suppliers, and research, source, and inspect all relevant services and products to confirm appropriate quality standards. The solid relationships we have built with our suppliers ensure our strong buying power, thereby enhancing value for money, without compromising our product and service quality.

Priority Wild Safaris and Tours have a wide selection of holiday packages to cater to our client’s tastes and needs. We are also happy to create personalized, tailor-made itineraries so that our clients are sure to get exactly what they want, whether it be for a special occasion, an off-the-beaten-track adventure, or simply a well-needed break. Your safari dreams are our priority!

Our Commitment

Our Service Delivery – We provide all our clients with first-rate flexible service in a professional and personalized manner, adding real value to our services.

Our Code of Conduct

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments with integrity and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our identity.

Why Us

Our services are dependable, reliable, and efficient – thus earning us reputable recommendations the world over. Our services are competitively priced to give the best satisfaction for your money. This guarantees that our clients get the optimum tour experience so that when they leave, they become friends and NOT just tourists. The key to a successful Safari is dealing with guides that have vast local knowledge and experience, offering excellent products- all these are in our DNA! The foundation of our company is built on a reputation for excellence in providing unwavering high-quality customer care, by means of extensive knowledge, personalized service, and competitive rates